Chance Mcoy – Live from Home

UMEM Presents Chance McCoy, Live from Home!

The Entertainment Management Program (UMEM) at the University of Montana, and students from this summer’s Event Management course, are proud to partner with Grammy winning singer/songwriter Chance McCoy to present a streaming concert Saturday, June 13th at 6:00 PM MT on Facebook.

UMEM alum Jesse Schuster, who has been working with Chance over the last months, is the driving force behind this collaboration. According to Jesse, “I wouldn’t have a job in the entertainment industry if it wasn’t for the entertainment management program. It all started with me interning for guest instructor Maria Brunner. The outside resources the UMEM program brings in are critical to the modern industry knowledge these students are able to get, without the ability to bring in different perspectives, point of views, and expertise these students will be at a massive disadvantage in the industry.”

UMEM had previously sponsored a live stream of Chance’s with conjunction with Emporium Presents and UMEM alum Aaron Donaldson. Aaron has this to say about the program, ” I wouldn’t be where I am today without the UMEM program. The amount of knowledge I absorbed from guest speakers was priceless and helped me succeed in my first music industry gig. More importantly, it was a conversation I had with one of the guest speakers that landed me my first job in the industry with Sherpa Concerts in 2012.”

Please join Chance McCoy Live From Home on June 13th at 6:00 PM MT.

You may donate what you can to help UMEM continue the tradition of bringing in guest speakers, and help future generations succeed in the music industry.

For more information please contact Mike Morelli at

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