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Dear Potential Pollstar Live! and Vegas Music Summit Students,

Thank you for your interest in attending Pollstar Live! 2019 and/or the Vegas Music Summit. We are excited to be traveling to Los Angeles and Las Vegas again this year.

What does entertainment management have to do with the Vegas Music Summit?

Created in 2008, by veteran industry professionals with deep relationships in the A&R and creative recording community, VMS floods Downtown Las Vegas for a 2-day/2-night event, showcasing artists, industry professionals and entertainment education. Students who attended the Montana Music Summit will see some familiar faces in Vegas and have the opportunity to meet and network with many new faces as well.

What does entertainment management have to do with Pollstar Live!?

Since 2005, Entertainment Management at the University of Montana has organized trips to Pollstar Live!, formerly the Concert Industry Consortium. Students work alongside Pollstar staff and fellow students from other Universities across the country. Students work throughout the conference in exchange for a full conference registration, which includes access to the Annual Pollstar Awards Show.

Our collaboration with Pollstar allows our students to develop a deeper understanding of the complex interactions within the entertainment industry and strengthen their professional ties to the entertainment industry. Students network with industry professionals to create career opportunities after graduation. Every year UM students find jobs through connections made at Pollstar Live!; including with Coachella, City of Denver (Red Rocks), Madison House, WME and more. There are structured activities for students to network beyond the scheduled panels and entertainment legend Kevin Lyman will be there helping students navigate the networking process.

Pollstar has come to rely on the professionalism of Entertainment Management’s student workers, a long-standing tradition we are keen on continuing. Our network provides access to industry jobs for our graduates. The relationship between Pollstar, the people we meet at the conference, and our students allows us to develop growth opportunities for our students and classes within UMEM.

Check out the incredible line up of Confirmed Pollstar Live! 2019 Speakers here.

What will Pollstar Live! 2018 or the Vegas Music Summit be Like?

First, check out the Pollstar Live! Website,

Then, check out this video created by UMEM Alumnus Angelo Lavo, This video will give you an idea of the type of experience you can expect as a student volunteer!  Fun!

You can stop in the UMEM office and talk to Mike or Tom.  Call us at 406-243-5695 or send us an email with your questions to

This sounds great! How do I become a part of it?

Regardless of conference, you must fill out an application which is available in the UMEM office. Applications must be submitted by 12/6/18 at 3 PM in the UMEM office.

For both conferences we will be purchasing shared rooms for you.

Here are the immediate deadlines and financial requirements:

Both conferences cost $250 to attend, payable to UMEM. If you worked Concessions or Selling Programs at Griz football games this fall, your price is reduced by $100.

  • Vegas Music Summit (1/29/19 – 2/2/19) application by 12/6/18 at 3 PM (UMEM office)
    •  If you are chosen to attend $125 due is by 12/14/18 ($75 for football workers)
    •  $125 additional by 1/20/19 (for a $250 total) ($75 additional for football workers-for a total of $150)
    • You are responsible for your own travel to and from Las Vegas.
    • You are responsible for all of your meals during the conference.
  • Pollstar Live! 2019 (2/9/19 – 2/14/19) application by 12/6/18 at 3 PM (UMEM office)
    • If you are chosen to attend $125 due is by 12/14/18 ($75 for football workers)
    • $125 additional by 1/20/19 (for a $250 total) ($75 additional for football workers-for a total of $150)
    • You are responsible for your own travel to and from Los Angeles
    • You are responsible for most of your meals during the conference.
    • You will be hired by Pollstar to work. You must have a valid State ID and either a social security card and/or a passport in order to legally complete paperwork when you arrive. We will be checking this before you travel.

There will be many opportunities to mingle and meet people. Whichever conference you attend, you are required to work in some capacity for the conference.

If you are chosen to attend Pollstar Live! 2019 as a student worker your primary responsibility is to work the event in a manner that does you, our program, and University credit.

Pollstar will hire students for 20-30 hours each over the course of 4-5 days (including load-in and load-out). The wage for hours worked would be $12 / hour before taxes. Students hired will not need to purchase a registration to attend the conference in their off hours.

Students hired would be responsible for completing the application and producing any needed hire paperwork to Pollstar before the start of the conference. Students must bring hiring ID’s such as Drivers License, Social Security cards, Passports etc.. to the conference to verify their information. Incomplete paperwork may result in the student not being allowed to work or attend the conference.

So, if chosen as a student worker, Pollstar graciously waives the $349 registration fee in order for us to attend with access to panels, professionals, and events. Please keep in mind we are representing the Entertainment Management Program, College of Business and the University of Montana. You also agree to work 20-30 hours during our time at the conference. We expect all student representatives maintain a professional manner and appearance.

For the Vegas Music Summit we will be working as volunteers with Rodel Delfin on assignments he chooses. Rodel has also chosen to waive conference registration fees for students.

What does this mean?

While this should be a fun and memorable learning experience there are some guidelines we should address and agree to adhere to while at the conference. Specifically, this means – do not show up to your appointed area hungover and looking like hell. Reflect on your habits and how much you tend to drink and adjust accordingly.

You should dress professionally. There are industry folks buzzing about all around you – all the time – so look presentable. No graphic t-shirts, wrinkled jeans, cut-offs, bra straps, low-rider pants. Take a shower, be clean, and look nice. If you have any questions or need more clarification, let me know.

Be able to speak about UMEM and what impact it has had on your college career and how it has steered you to be interested in Pollstar. Look at the website and be informed about who will be there sitting on these panels. There are lots of opportunities for questions so it would be really wonderful if we could formulate meaningful questions to discuss.

We anticipate some shifts will be more 3 hours long – be prepared to dedicate your time to whatever you are assigned.  Please don’t complain about placement or the jobs you might receive. The operations staff works extremely hard to spread the work equally and keep things fair. If you run into issues or feel like you need to trade spots with anyone – please find me so we can coordinate. You should always report a few minutes early in order to hear specific instructions relative to each job.

I believe you will be given a polo shirt with the Pollstar logo embroidered on it – if so, this is the shirt you must wear when fulfilling your work hours. Student workers are designated and recognized by conference-goers so please wear it. Also – in the past Pollstar says no denim jeans when working. Use your discernment and look nice.  There are irons in the hotel rooms or the Air BnB – they are brand new – they work – USE THEM IF YOU NEED TO.

The hotel rooms or AirBnB

In Las Vegas we will stay in the conference hotel rooms, in LA we’ll rent an AirBnB for everyone. These rooms are nice and expensive – please be respectful.

Regardless of where we stay, anticipate you will be sharing the room with other people – please be respectful. This means:

Come to an agreement, talk to each other about expectations and be considerate. Don’t come to the room at 3:00 AM drunk and crazy. You should be getting good rest at the same time as having fun. Don’t be rude and say mean things – let’s go as a team and help one another.

Don’t charge incidentals to your room if we stay in a hotel. In fact, university policy requires that any personal incidentals be paid for by the student. The hotel will require that one credit card be put down for each room – the credit card must be in your name (one of you from each room) and this is where incidentals will be charged, if incurred.
I appreciate your interest and am available to answer any questions.

Thanks – Mike Morelli


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