READ: Danny Spitzer talks career, NFL, venues, and life lessons


Danny Spitzer is the Director of Bren Events Center at the University of California, Irvine in Orange County, CA. Home to the Anteaters, UC Irvine is a top nationally ranked university that offers many unique experiences and is located just a few miles from the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The Bren Events Center boasts a 90,000 square foot multi‐purpose facility that hosts a diversity of events including Campus, Intercollegiate Athletics, Concerts, Theatrical, Professional Sports, Graduations, Martial Arts, Speaking engagements, as well as Community events year round. The Bren Events Center is also the host facility for the three time NCAA National Champion UCI Men’s Volleyball program (2007, 2009, 2012). He has served in the upper management of the facility since 2007, and has now managed the facility for the past four years. Of the thousands of events Danny has been able to be a part of, no one event is the same, but so many are similar in many ways. What connects Danny to this industry … It’s the experiences that are created, whether it is one moment or the many consecutive memories for clients and guests … it only takes that one experience to enlighten a memorable experience in a person’s life forever!

Mr. Spitzer attended the University of California, Davis in northern California studying Exercise Science, while also finding a passion with the special event industry and he never looked back! Following a brief work experience at UC Davis post education, Danny relocated back to his native area of southern California securing a position with the UC Irvine Bren Events Center staff in 1999. Through an active career, Danny has enjoyed his development over the years by absorbing as many experiences as possible to gain knowledge of every aspect of the facility. He has been able to experience most applications and roles with the different positions held beginning with supervision of facility overseeing the operations, then working to coordinate event details with clients and vendors. He held a brief role as Interim Director when his acting Director took a medical leave of absence while also maintain his Operational duties. After a few more years of overseeing both the Operations & Events divisions, Danny was promoted to Associate Director to assist the facility Director with management of all facets of the facility and staffing. Mr. Spitzer has several years of experience at the Director level but maintains his single most important aspect of success with his team… That being Communication! Then S‐a‐f‐e‐t‐y of course.

Along with his active role within the facility and athletic department, Dany Spitzer also serves on a number of committees and Emergency Management groups on campus including the university EOC team, Emergency Management Team, Zone Crew, Campus Search & Rescue, Red Cross Care & Shelter, and on an occasion advisory board. With a strong work ethic and an affinity to learn all aspects of the facility and Event industry and an IAVM member since 2007, serving on recent regional meeting committees as well as being a presenter for several topics at IAVM national conferences. Danny has been a guest lecturer for the UMEM program at the University of Montana for the past five years sharing years of experiences with students in a unique program designed to focus on the variety of career opportunities in the Live Entertainment industry.

Danny has been able to experience a diversity of industry opportunities. Developing a keen observation of methods in the industry has opened up the door to success of the operation that Danny manages today at UC Irvine. Mr. Spitzer has also enjoyed a long tenure managing a diverse set of events at the Playboy Mansion West managing events & operations for over 18 years working with an eclectic group of clients, staff, vendors, guests but more importantly working alongside L.A. City Fire Inspectors Public Assemblage unit.

Additional work experience has carried Danny into the realm of being an independent contractor for some major events including an opportunity to at NFL Super Bowl & Pro Bowl, Coachella, Stagecoach, EDC music Festivals, ESPY Awards, and Movie Premieres to list a few. The NFL experience was an amazing opportunity, dynamic in so many ways, organization at a high level, memorable experiences, and fun all while not really knowing what to expect from his experience. As a contractor for the NFL, Danny managed many elements of 11 NFL events held around the 2010 Super Bowl and Pro Bowl, which included media days, concert series, NFL Owner Gala, Fan Fest, Kids day plus both games that were held in the same host city for the first time! Many of you will be surprised to know that Mr. Spitzer has also dabbled in the Wedding industry as a planner & coordinator a number of times, and more recently ventured into professional photography over the past six years with focus on weddings, special events and landscapes. What is next venture for this young man? … You will have to wait until next year to find out, as he is the only one who holds the answer that question.

During his personal time, Danny takes time to keep things in life simple, as life is already complex in so many ways. He reminds us to stay connected with those people who are important to you, as he would say ‘things’ will always be things. Opportunities are interesting, so remember to make the most of each opportunity because for some people … that single pivotal opportunity may pass you by if you are not paying attention!

DO: be Positive, be Genuine, be Responsible, be Open to Change, be Thankful, be Dedicated, be Accountable, be Connected, be Resourceful, and most importantly … be Yourself! (Do not): Give up, Take people of things for granted, Pass up on opportunities, Sell yourself short

This summary is just a brief outline of some of the influential experiences that has contributed to the life journey of Mr. Spitzer! And now it’s your time … Time for each one of you to make an impact in your world, time for you to get energized and step out of your comfort zone to experience a new adventure. And by the way, don’t just hear things around your environment … listen to everything around you, meet new people, follow your passions, and remember that many people have come before you … and many more will come after you. Be a leader by example, follow when you can, but don’t be a follower!!! (Unless you are following someone on twitter, that’s okay as it is the year twenty fifteen. 🙂 )


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